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Sterilair PRO
More info about Sterilair PRO
Maximum efficacy in contrasting aerogenic infections
Sterilair PRO
For over 15 years the standard for air treatment in dentistry.
Sterilair PRO is a highly professional device used for a long time in the dental field and ambulatory in general.
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Why Sterilair PRO
is it the best choice?
Born and designed to eliminate pathogenic forms including spores.
Lower maintenance costs.
No infected parts to handle.
9000 hours of protection
Sterilair PRO's 4 UVC lamps guarantee up to 9000 hours of use.
4 UVC lamps
Philips UVC lamps mounted on Sterilair PRO generate a photolytic effect whereby radiation destroys or inactivates the microorganism so that it can no longer multiply.
For the DNA this is done by ensuring that the bases of adjacent thymine form a chemical bond thus creating a dimmer and if a sufficient number is created, DNA cannot replicate.
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Sterilair PRO
Ideal in the dental field
We want to highlight some important aspects of this device:
Not a simple air purifier, but a device for the air biological treatment.
Sterilair PRO
can treat
environments up to 120 m3
Tecno-Gaz always anticipates the needs
Sterilair PRO is a device for the biological treatment of air that has been available on the market for many years and has always been the subject of extensive studies to improve its efficiency. The pathogenic charge present in the environment can be harmful to health and only a modern but tested technology can guarantee a high level of abatement.
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Reduced maintenance
The absence of expensive EPA filters reduces maintenance costs and also the treatment of biologically infected materials.
The reduction of risks contributes to making Sterilair PRO the best device for biological air treatment.
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Ease of use
There are no complex user manuals but only a switch and a timer that allows you to sanitize the environment before the arrival of patients and collaborators.
As simple as breathing.
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Continuous and safe operation even during the dentist's job
Sterilair PRO is designed to work continuously even in the presence of people. In fact, the dentist can continue to operate even while the appliance is in operation because it is totally safe for humans. The timer allows you to treat the environment before the arrival of the operators and patients but its particular construction allows it to remain in operation even throughout the working day, guaranteeing the healthiness of the air and a lower risk of aerogenic infections.
Sterilair PRO proves to be the best choice for any situation.
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